An Analysis of Cafeterias Operators in Proper Waste Cooking Oil Management

Owi Wei Ping; Ang Kean Hua

Cooking oil is largely used in preparing food. Unfortunately, untreated cooking oil waste is disposed improperly. Hence, this research study carried out to determine cafeterias operators in proper waste cooking oil management in one of the government university. Quantitative approach with questionnaire method applied, with targeting 20 out of 32 cafeterias operators in sampling size due to willingly in cooperation. Two categorized are formatted in collecting the information, namely respondent’s demographic profile and method disposal of waste cooking oil. Result indicate majority cafeterias operators choose to thrown into sink without having any treatment, continue by thrown with normal waste which having primary treatment, and only minority are choose to sell the waste cooking oil to the relevant parties for further action. As conclusion, majority cafeterias operators are no following the guidelines in manage the waste cooking oil and no concerned about the environment with taking an easy way by dispose the cooking waste into sink and let it flow into drain. Apart from responsibility towards the environment by cafeterias operators, the university should also take action through having some activities like campaign and distributing flyers on the awareness to environment.

waste cooking oil, guidelines, campaign, awareness


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